Israel Palestine Conflict: Today there is a possibility that Joe Biden may reach Israel

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Israel Palestine Conflict: The war between Israel and Hamas has been going on for the last 11 days. Let us tell you that on October 7, a deadly attack was carried out on Southern Israel, after which a war started between the two sides. Let us tell you that till now more than 4200 people from both the sides have lost their lives.

On the ongoing Israel Palestine conflict, Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner said, “We are on the 11th day of our offensive against Hamas, destroying, humiliating and seeking out the leaders of that terrorist organization. Who started the brutal massacre of our people on SaturdayThe IDF is currently engaged in three main components – still securing the area around the Gaza Strip, ensuring that communities are no longer threatened by terrorists who may potentially still be in Israeli territory.

Israel Palestine Conflict

The second component would be to rebuild and, as the barrier was destroyed at several locations at 20 points of infiltration, rebuild the same. We are doing this by simultaneously expanding and rebuilding the border crossings, we have also deployed a number of forces at various points of violation. Physical barriers that will prevent easy infiltration again by terrorists who could potentially still come from the Gaza Strip.


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