Noida is Prepared for G20 Summit Grand Welcome Featuring Gautam Buddha’s Magnificent Statue at the Main Entrance

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G20 Summit Noida, Greater Noida, and Ghaziabad are gearing up to host the G20 Summit with remarkable preparations. The Noida-Greater Noida Authority has been diligently working to enhance the city’s appearance, completing tasks related to landscaping, lighting, greenery, and road improvements. To welcome foreign guests, a grand statue of Gautam Buddha has been installed at the entry point from Delhi to Noida, and the gate has been refurbished with additional lighting. Although the entry gate design remains the same, minor modifications and additional lighting have been employed to make it more appealing.

The entrance gate will now feature deep blue instead of its previous lighter blue and green hues, along with some silver detailing and decorative flower arrangements. The image of Lord Buddha is illuminated attractively. The total cost of this makeover is 86.22 lakhs INR.

Beautification For G20 Summit

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Noida Expressway is also receiving a facelift with the installation of sculptural designs. Several prominent locations, including the DND Flyover, Film City Gate, Mahamaya Flyover, Amity University, Greater Noida Entry Gate, Pari Chowk, and the Greater Noida Authority Office, are undergoing beautification.

Pari Chowk is being enhanced with sculptures and landscaping, while greenery is being improved with high-quality plants. Significant roundabouts in Greater Noida are also being made more attractive through sculptural elements and lighting.

G20 Summit Noida

Near the Knowledge Park area, educational sculptures are being installed. Special designs are being set up to present Greater Noida as a data center hub during the G20 Summit. The park and roundabouts near the Greater Noida Authority office are receiving special color schemes. All major roads in Greater Noida are being resurfaced according to this global plan, with flower beds and planters adding to the appeal. Metro pillars are being adorned with artwork, and the electrical engineering department is working on installing colorful poles, among other tasks.

In Noida, a 4.6-kilometer-long elevated road from Sector 18 to Sector 61 is being decorated with new tricolor decorative poles. Approximately 140 poles will be installed, featuring 11-meter-high poles with polycarbonate tubes. The distance between two poles will be 30 meters. The installation of LED lights on the upper side of these poles will cost around 1.2 crore INR. All these projects are being executed by the Noida Authority.

Additionally, in Ghaziabad, several development projects are planned to accommodate guests arriving at Hindon Air Force Station for the G20 Summit. These projects include patchwork on roads, different-colored streetlights, and refurbishing signboards. Footpaths in Sector-18, Ghaziabad’s commercial hub, are being decorated with vibrant color-changing lights on the upper side. The lights will reflect colorful patterns on the footpath, enhancing its appearance.

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Furthermore, to address security concerns, the Ghaziabad Development Authority has issued notices to homeowners with multi-story buildings around Hindon Air Force Station. These buildings have windows that open toward the airport, potentially posing a security risk for foreign guests. Residents have been instructed not to access their rooftops until September 11th. Authorities have discussed this issue in a meeting with GDA VC Rakesh Singh, and notices are being served to houses near the airport. If residents fail to close their windows by September 11th, the GDA will take action against them.



FAQ: Why is Gautam Buddha’s statue important for the G20 Summit in Noida?

Answer: It symbolizes peace and adds grandeur to the event’s welcome.

FAQ: What preparations has Noida made for the G20?

Answer: Noida has enhanced its cityscape with landscaping, lighting, and road improvements.

FAQ: What’s the cost of Noida’s makeover for the G20 event?

Answer: The total cost is approximately 86.22 lakhs INR.

FAQ: What’s the main focus of Noida’s preparations?

Answer: The focus is on aesthetics, safety, and hospitality.

FAQ: How will Noida welcome G20 guests?

Answer: Noida will use Gautam Buddha’s statue, vibrant landscaping, and additional lighting for an inviting welcome.

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