The Third Eye’s – Travelogue Solo exhibition by Anjali Sinha

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New Delhi : After a long time of wait, Anjali Sinha finally brings to you her next solo exhibition “The Third Eye’s – Travelogue” on the 1-4 August 2010. The exhibition is for 4 days and is being held at Delhi’s prime location India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road.

Refreshingly new work with a varied mixture of colours and specific textures which are Anjali’s favourite or more so trademark.

As the title itself explains, this is documentation of the artist’s travel in times, in places, in spaces, in interactions and in experiences made so far.

The art works displayed are around 25-30 pieces of different sizes in mixed media mainly acrylic and charcoal on canvas. All the works produced are a result of 6 months in the year 2010 yet an accumulation of thoughts and ideas over the years. Each art work had been carefully etched out portraying different travelogues yet coming back to the same theme. The colours are bright, young, cheerful and give a positive feeling.

This is one of the biggest collection of the artist ensuring each piece having its uniqueness.

Anjali comes with a deep experience from various fields of arts, media communication and social development. She has traveled many destinations and enjoys interacting and observing new things. To put it short she loves to celebrate life and wants to live each moment, canvas size!

“There are travelers who travel across destinations for different reasons. Travelers for the mind, for the soul, for the deals, for the space, for the surroundings, for the people, for the love, for the hate, for the war, for the peace. Travelers.

Travelers with different conscious mind sometimes forget what the unconscious mind sustains.

The exhibits here make an effort to speak out the unconscious mind’s reception.
Still a travelogue.

Lets enjoy the evening together while traveling through the destinations.”

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