Teen Thay Bhai Movie Review(3 stars)

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3 loaded stars for this riot of a film from me.

There are three brothers and their lives are screwed up in the ways like most of our lives are. There is hope in the form of a will, written by their grandfather, but that requires them to tolerate each other for a day, for 3 consecutive years, despite their strong dislike for the same. The sum involved is so huge they decide to go for it, so that it straightens out their lives. They may or may not get the booty, but that’s not the point.

This is just as simple as it seems and probably most reviewers felt just this much about this humourous film with its legs firmly rooted in our modern day society where we are still struggling to find our identities what with all this global warning. Director Mrigdeep Singh Lamba’s debut effort should be applauded, mainly for attempting to tell a story that packs in so much; that too without any gimmicks.

The best thing that works for this film is the casting and am not just talking about the lead roles. Casting, followed by some very funny lines add to that a few songs penned by Gulzar Saab and a film set in the snowy mountains… just the perfect watch for this blistering summer. If you are really interested, the film also carries some beautiful messages… but that is for you to choose, as you have the option of walking out of the theater with just a huge grin pasted on your face.

As a filmi keeda, it is my boon or bane to dig deeper into the film and see what more does the film have to offer, than what we all can see anyways… Despite the fact that the premise of the film hinges on a will, it has a back-story that is so unheard of, so sweet, so heart warming and sometimes just goofy. The three brothers Chixi, Happy and Fancy (played wonderfully by Om Puri, Deepak Dobriyal and Shreyas Talpade) are at that stage in their lives where they seriously need some help. They represent most of our desi middle class households and do it with such conviction… it is not a joke!

The elder-most Chixi is a loser and has been so all his life. He has been the escapist who always wanted to take the eaiser route only to land up in a shittier place. There is Happy… this guy is too shy and has hardly any say on how his life has been shaping up and all he knows about is ‘shifting pain’ which is what he does as a dentist and as an idiot. The youngest is Fancy who is a misfit but yet on his own trip. He is the guy representing the India which is trying to catch up with the world by using Inglis, how much ever poverty it may be.

There is so much I would like to say about this film… little nuances here and there, big guffaws that we could share, only I would rather you see the film and find them all yourselves. There are so many subtle indications about how hard we even try to comply with the society’s rules etc. While doing all this the move continues to entertain. For a scene after the interval it goes very very serious but those 5-odd minutes define the existence of the story and it is so well enacted that it can bring tears to any sentimental person. One of those three could be someone you know or have met…

What brotherhood the director Mr. Lamba has shown is believable and awesome. Sometimes in life you need that one reason to come together. Many times it is the death of a family member when the rest come together and give each other love and strength… otherwise in a day and time like ours… saala time kiske paas hai? Having said that do take time out for these three brothers, as they say a lot, without wasting much of your time.

A special mention for the love track in this film between Deepak Dobriyal and Ragini Khanna… jhoot? nahin to… haan to…


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