I will sleep with Cheryl, before Will.i.am does: Fergie

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London, May 7 (IANS) Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie wants to sleep with Cheryl Cole.

Fergie has been teasing her bandmate Will.i.am who has been romantically linked to Cheryl since her split from Ashley.

‘Fergie has been telling everyone she’s more likely to sleep with Cheryl before will.i.am does,’ thesun.co.uk quoted a source as saying.

‘Everyone has been teasing him about his crush. But when Fergie came out with this, everyone fell about laughing. She’s mentioned it a few times now. And even Cheryl thinks it’s hilarious,’ the source added.

Will.i.am and Cheryl worked together on her debut solo album ’3 Words’ which he co-produced.

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