Dad’s sacrifice paid off, says slain cop’s daughter

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Mumbai, May 6 (IANS) The daughter of the policeman who helped capture Ajmal Amir Kasab before dying at the hands of the Pakistani terrorist said Thursday that her dad’s courage had paid off.

‘My father’s sacrifice has paid off,’ said Vaishali, daughter of the assistant sub inspector Tukaram Ombale who single-handedly pounced on the AK-47 wielding Kasab on the night of Nov 26-27, 2008.

‘I am very happy that Kasab has been awarded the death sentence. He deserves it,’ she said, soon after a special court awarded the Pakistani the capital punishment.

‘The Indian government should also ensure the arrest of all the accused in the attack. They should meet the same fate as Kasab,’ Vaishali told reporters.

Ombale was unarmed during the 26/11 attack, but helped capture Kasab alive, the only one of the 10 terrorists who had sneaked into Mumbai from Pakistan.

Ombale had held onto Kasab’s gun, enabling others to arrest him. But Kasab fired several shots, killing Ombale.

Ombale was the last man Kasab killed even as the Mumbai mayhem raged on.

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