Britain heads for hung Parliament

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London, May 7 (DPA) Britain is set for a change of government as the opposition Conservatives emerged as the biggest party from Thursday’s general election, and the ruling Labour Party suffered major losses, according to exit polls.

Figures announced as polling stations closed late Thursday predicted a hung Parliament, in which neither of Britain’s two main parties would gain an overall majority.

Exit polls gave the Conservatives under David Cameron 307 seats, just nine short of an outright majority.

The Labour Party of Prime Minister Gordon Brown was projected at 255 seats, compared with 356 in the last general election in 2005.

The result, if confirmed, could leave Cameron seeking to lead a minority government or asking the Liberal Democrats for support.

As results are being counted through the night, if Labour does better than the exit polls suggest, a link-up between Labour and the Liberal Democrats could be possible.

The Liberal Democrats, despite a highly successful campaign, would gain 59 seats, according to the exit polls, remaining behind expectations before the vote.

The full results will be known early Friday.

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